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Stormclouds Lyrics

   Album (CD)

01. I Carved Her Flesh [MP3]

I Carved Her In Flesh

02. Nighfever [MP3]


03. Chasing Rainbows
04. Stormclouds Gathering
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I Carved Her Flesh

I passed through the gates of your eternity
to the place where light can’t intrude
I walked the dusty road to nowhere
that nobody wandered before
through different eyes I was watching your dreams.

Dreaming to be free
damned to eternity
dreams can’t set you free
damned to eternity.

I drained her juice - I tasted her sweat
I carved her flesh
I sprinkled her tears - I spilled her blood
I carved her flesh

I touched the serpent your adrenaline
digging my fingers in your head
I soaked the sin out of your veins
in the night I saw the raven circle
and your screams were the only truth you said.


I walk the street at night alone.
through blood and mud
I try to find my way.

I dive into the deepest abyss.
on wings of fire
I open my grave.

Guard - my - dreams
Save - my - tears
Self - deceiver

Too far gone - lurking in the shadows
left alone - on the misty meadows

I domain the midnight forest
the early morning frost.
In the haunted spectral castle
I stumble and get lost.
In the dark I wake up screaming
trying to catch my dream
now that I’m forever leaving
trembling in red fever streams.

Chasing Rainbows

Your heartbeat was dropping
into my silence
as I was calling the rain.
My yearning was burning
like fire
as I was opening my vein.

And I ran through the woods
where the pines grow wild and tall.
And I heard the wind rustling through the trees
branches and brambles tore my clothes
and scratched my face.

Ghostly voices were rising
from the fields
as I tried to break the chain.
My love was melting
like a candle
as the forest whispered my name.

I was only chasing rainbows
always heading for a dream
longing for a crystal vision
searching getting lost.

The Stormclouds Gathering

Standing at the window
staring into the eternal frost
far beyond the mist covered mountains
I am dreaming...

Stumbling through the darkness
through the winters grim and cold
far beyond the mist covered mountains
I am dreaming...

With dusk I rise from hazy mead
deep from the river I’m crawling ashore
I’ve seen eternity

The chanting woods have lost their dress
the birds they sing no more
breeding smoke - white desert plains
the path into the yore.

Dark clouds of pain and sorrow
embracing my domain
I fear the cold tomorrow
the mourning in my vein.
By the scarlet sunrise
I’m rising from my lair
yearning for your laughing eyes
the wind blows through your hair.



Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstra├če 63 b
26789 Leer