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The Ever-Rest (2022) Lyrics

   Album (CD, Vinyl, DigiPak Boxset)


01. The Brotherhood Of The Rope
02. The Ever-Rest
03. Down The Icefall
04. The Beckoning Silence
05. Seven Summits
06. Ascending The Avalanche
07. Mallory's Mask
08. Into The Whiteout
09. Words Unspoken
10. This Ending
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The Ever-Rest

One last step – away from the fall
One last breath – find shelter in death.
One final drop – blood from my veins
One final smile – arest for a while.

Ever withstand – one in the row
Never retreat – to none you would bow.
Out in the cold – where darkness unfolds
Alone in the dark – to shelter the spark.

Out of the ever-dark forests
Along with the springs we will flow.
Link in the chain, revolting in vain
Along with the springs we will flow.

If thou art worn and hard beset
With sorrows that thou won’t forget
The dark pines blast in white cascades
And spirits rise out of the shades.

One last step – away from the fall
One last breath – find shelter in death.

Down The Icefall

Unfolding the veils of the nightwind
Crawl through the unfathomed halls.
Shadows sweep over cold bodies
Vanished before darkness falls.

Down, down the Icefall
White fields of frost - Cover the paths
We have to walk to the last.

Echo our call from the summit
A diamond we shaped in the cold.
Tighten the rope with a clenched fist
Strong breast gaining powers to hold.

Steps leading down to the abyss
Further along through the haze.
White crystals rubbed into eyeballs
Lids frozen for a last gaze.

Stumbling blind through the snow storm
Like towers of marble we quake
The mountains will cover our prayers
With blankets of scree for our sake.

Icicles on our grey eyebrows
A jewel we take to our grave.
The blizzards will sing of our triumph
As we pass through portals of the brave.

The Beckoning Silence

Wind the purple pennant around the iron stake.
Pull the rough belt tighter cross the frozen lake.
Bow to the white silence - Adore the icy shrine.
A hail of stones comes over - All covering the spine.

We made a golden promise and swore we never part
The hymns sung to our glory will melt the hidden heart.
A rusted nail will hold us and bond us to the end
And even if we fall together we will stand.

Together to the holy heights – down to the icy cold
From eagle flight – to pits below
Heroic tales are told.

The rope connects our navel - Pumping the noblest blood.
A bite into the knuckle - That will untie the knot.
Smell the blue lavender - And stray through marble fields
Shattered in the canyons - The diamond shine reveals.

A storm will come, the rope will break
The oath of gorge is done.
Cold bodies swing in roaring winds
The covenant will last.

Seven Summits

We seek the palace in the clouds. Yearn for the icy throne.
There we will reign with frozen hands – Build altars of our own.
In golden halls our name should sound – Great stories should be told
Of glistening splendor, battles won - The Saga of the cold.

We climb the steps up to the stars. Reach for their blinking rays.
Through fields of crumbling granite domes. We left the beatened ways.

And when the bleaking torch goes out
The lights fade in the mist.

The peak within the reach – The oath is done.
Our heads up in the clouds – The world is won.
The chain within our hearts – Broke by the frost.
Bones shattered in the gorge – To pay the cost.

No roses will grow on the graves
Ice flowers formed our wreaths.
A gaze sweeps through the misty shapes
For greater men to come.

And when the bleaking torch goes out
The lights fade in the mist.

There we will reign with frozen hands – Build altars of our own.
In golden halls our name should sound – Great stories should be told.

Ascending The Avalanche

I dived into the beauty of the descending sun
Behind the growing shadows my route goes on and on.
Cold winds will guide my pathway and light the broken trace
Step further in the darkness and find the hidden place.

The wild winds weep
Across my desert heart
In cloudless climes and starry skies.
In silence I grieve
A cry for relief
Melt water cold tears from my eyes.

On beds of fragrant heather I rest my idle head
The scent of withered flowers awake me from the dead.
Once left the world of mortals I haunt the draughty halls
Forgotten names I whisper an echoe from the walls.

Cursed to climb the summit where I forever roam
A fall into the abyss, a rise up to the dome.
And when you fall in slumber and dew sinks on your hair
My call sounds through the thunder cold rains fall on your lair.

Bury my grave in a desert of stone
The wildest heart shall never decease.
High in the sky, like eagles we fly
But chained to the soil we will cease.

Mallory's Mask

Pale grew his cheek and cold, colder his kiss
The brooch in his hand will rest frozen in bliss.

Longing for the final fall - Make your will and follow the call
The world at your feet is there to win - Hail the emperor’s throne from within.

Forged in fire, hardened in the fields
Marching through the jaws of death.
Gun at hand he barges in between
The first to taste the cannon‘s breath.

Brothers bonded by the holy oath
Soldiers of the fire heart.
Knights of values of a world long lost
Gamblers dealing their last cards.

Walk in splendour, revel in the mists.
Her portrait worn near by his chest.
Loyal to death, surrendered to his queen.
Onward to the mountain’s crest.

War formed flesh and bear a noble heart
It spelled his ideals, gave the law.
In thunderstorms his wildest dream was born
A path to the heavens he yearned for.

Into The Whiteout

Countless nights we froze together
Days of glory, hymns of yore
Every day we two should gather
One direction, only fore.

Huddled in a pit of ice - Singing our triumph with all our hearts.

Countless storms we stood together
Warming each the quaking heart
Drinking wine like twinning lather
Tightened ropeknots, torn apart.

One for the icepit – One for the peak
One for the whiteslit – One for the weak
Calling for you in the coldness
But back then, in the whiteout, you left me

Shadows now crawling beside me - Is that you, the tumbling lights?
Footsteps leading the cold trace - Deep into the endless nights.

Shadows now walking beside me
Marching alone through the haze
Brother don't leave and be with me
Guiding us safely through the maze.

Stagger alone to the summit - Holding the rope that connect us
Clenching the twinning of fists.

Words Unspoken

A storm was raging in our hearts
A cold wind was blowing in our heads.
Together we made our stand
We walked that path hand in hand.

Together we rose our swords
Our fists held high in the sky.
But we lost each other in the mist
Drifted away with a never ending kiss.

So many words left unspoken. So many tears left to cry.
So many words left unspoken. So many lies left to lie.

You gave me shelter in the night
I held your heart free from fright.
One step away but stepped too far
And streams of light we never saw.

There's still a child outside crying in the storm
Creeping through the dreams from which it's born.
Still I stumble through the dark
Chained by the hand that holds the spark.

Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstraße 63 b
26789 Leer