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Wavecrest Lyrics

   Album (CD)

01. The Adder At Your Chest
02. Let Me Drown
03. Lunar Dreams [MP3]

Lunar Dreams

04. Words Unspoken
05. As Thy Gods Bleed
06. Wavecrest [MP3]


07. Stormclouds Gathering
08. Arest In Ardour [MP3]

Arest In Ardour

09. Ember
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The Adder At Your Chest

A stormy wind was hunting
the raging baltic sea waves like horses
dashing through the spray
hard to the wind the privateer was hunting his pray.

Cold weapons at their sides
oath of allegiance sworn in blood
once treated like cattle
now they’re ready to spill noble blood.

By oppressions woes and pains
by your sons in servile chains
we will drain your dearest vein
but they shall be free!
lay the proud wlirpers low
freedom is in every blow
Let us do or die!

Hand in hand and back to back
in unity we stand
together we are strong against the tyranny
ready to kill the adder at your chest.

Let Me Drown

By the fullmoon I raise from my lair
featureless - I gasp for air
driven by a desire for thousand years
soaked by streams of burning tears.

I left the mountains frozen by harm
thunder & lightning greeting me warm
generations of shadows I did mourn
I proclaim the deadpale dawn.

Once I wandered - northern trace
path of wolves - darkened face
whisper shepherd - dark and deep
fall in slumber - Let me sleep

O let me drown in sweet romance
beyond the shadows we will dance
hagridden I cry for deliverance
o let me drown in sweet romance.

I am approaching from my world of stone
I howl with the wolves in valleys unknown
frozen ruins I domain - lonely I cry
until the day I look into your eye.

Last night I saw you staring into the dark
in your scarlet heart I left my mark
last night I saw you waving ashore
I am approaching to open your door.

Lunar Dreams

Her hair as black as a raven
her eyes as deep as the sea
with a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
coveted and bled for.

We swore an oath of blood and soil
that we will never part again
as I kissed her face as pale as death
she withered like a rose.

Nightleaves…thorns carved my chest
Nightleaves…take my breath away

I wander the path of eternal darkness
a trace to find behind your closed eyes
I drown within the beauty of your sorrow
as the moon comes out of a cloud by night.

Last night I awoke from a dream
by the song of the nightingale
I stared into the dark
but it was no one there.


He stands at shore alone
as the wind blew from the east
and breathes the salty air.
He wandered lonely as a cloud
floating through her breast
of what has happened unaware.

As he died six years ago
by an incurable mysterious disease
he was just about to merry his sweet young bride
on white linen he rest by funeral bells
“Our love will never cease!”
He gazed as he drifted with tide.

Wavecrest…with night tide we ride
Wavecrest…guide us through the storm
Wavecrest…to a land beyond the horizon

Each day she went to his grave
to the cemetery by the sea.
And laid a rose down at his stone
he was watching her face through the mud
heard her lament and plea
through a maggot veil
in silence alone.

Each day the sea eats a piece of the land
until his grave will tumble and fall.
Each night the storm erodes the reef
until their wedding day will come…
where tombstones stand wild and tall.

Arest In Ardour

Come closer and touch my flame
let it set your heart afire
don’t be afraid to burn
and lay your head arest in ardour.

Come closer and look into my eye
may my tears quell your hunger
may your darkest dreams emerge
as we pass away eternally.

I am the storm that rocks the raven
I am the sun on a wintry sky
and if you dare to see my abyss
you must climb the mountains high.

Let me bleed in your claws
and drink my crimson poison
let it run through your veins
and soak your thirsty flesh

Let me bear your marble burden
towards the port of our lust
in the essence of our passions
lies the gate to paradise.


After all, I felt a little bit sorry
for this world so weak and so small
this little world, a twinkling ember
this little world turning circles in the void.

After all, I felt a little bit sorry
for my Sweet, my sweet mary at home
maybe I didn’t treat you the way you deserved it
but be sure, all I did, I did in love for you.

How long I have wandered
throughout all these years
in grey autumn skies
stormclouds are passing by
in silent yearning
I finally closed my eyes.

After all, I think that bunch of spoken words
these few decades of chatting
were enough for you my little world
I smiled, as I was passing away.


Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstraße 63 b
26789 Leer