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Wolves Among Sheep Lyrics

   Album (CD)

01. Bluebeard's Chamber [MP3]

Bluebeards Chamber

02. Wolves Among Sheep
03. Breathe My Sorrow
04. From Frozen Skies [MP3]

From Frozen Skies

05. Raven Rosary
06. The Tempest
07. Raise Of Cain [MP3]

Raise Of Cain

08. Moonfleet
09. The Burning Of Atlanta
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Bluebeard's Chamber

At last my life has been evil
And I have shown cruelty
To those who were in need of succour.

The poor called to me and I did not hearken
And my ears were closed
To the cries of the afflicted.

And so did I.

To those who lacked help I have been bitter
The inheritance of the fatherless
I did take unto myself.

He who came for water went away thirsting
And the outlawed men
I betrayed before dawn.

And so did I.

I wounded the hands that fed me
The breasts that gave me suck I did despise.
The enemy who spared me
I snared in an ambush and sold for a price.

I am the source of rebellion
And with evil I requite good
And with wrongdoing kindness.

To my sins I build seven altars
My Idols aren't of gold nor of silver
But of flesh that dies.

Wolves Among Sheep

When the roses are torn from their branches
And the blooms hide their beauty in shame
White lilies run dry without water
And freeze under moons on the wane.

When the fruits from the wombs of their mothers
Torn lifeless in autumn's cold haze
With eyes already sealed before the first view
Would break through the dawn like a blaze.

Behold - I will send you
As sheep in the midst of wolves.
Beware - of false prophets
Who look like sheep but are ravenous wolves.

Like wolves among sheep.

Then the heavens we chase lie in ashes
And our hearts are of poison and lead
Then sweet dreams that once slumbered in clover
Become hags in the crypts of the dead.

And far east an angel is weeping
In midnight's gruesome dusky arm
And behind these veils of black velvet
Another maiden is loosing her charm.

Breathe My Sorrow

Whelmed in the blackest of shadows
In sombre and beautiful gloom
And the spectral shapes that surround me
Convey ideas of sorrow and gloom.

Worn the deep tint of the cypress
That hangs down its branches at night
I buried myself in the waters
The depths of the descending night.

O wander in that happy valley
Where my flowers still hide their beauty in fear
Cause every single note
Of your summer lullaby
Shall breathe my sorrow
And embalm this frozen heart.

A rose grew in the enchanted garden
We lived in and revel no more
All beauty sleeps in our darkness
And lightens this burden no more.

The name of the rose is "redemption"
Abloom on a cold nameless grave
The name of the garden is "silence"
And sleep covers my silent grave.

From Frozen Skies

She died. And he fell into slumber
Or the vast realms of revery -
Where the great springs they had together
Would last for all eternity.

She died. It was in cold December
With frozen flowers on her hair -
They say she couldn't stand the winter
That's when she drowned within despair.

Take my hand - for the night is dark
and rain falls down from frozen skies.
Keep me warm - for the storms are cold
That cast right down from frozen skies.

From frozen skies.

And now the waters of the river
They flow not onward to the sea -
Still they sigh one unto the other
In a strange tongue of misery.

And now they sit, locked in each other's
Embrace aside the river's bed -
And when he looks into the waters
He sometimes wishes he were dead.

Raven Rosary

Love - she says
Is like a gruesome hunger
And the wind strays
Gently through her hair.

And like a famine
Raging faster
All across the idle land
Her bitter poison takes me down.

Love - she says
Is like a devastating
Storm that breaks forth
From broken chests.

And like a beast
She hunts his prey
Here in the garden of the dead
Her bitter poison takes me down.

Sweep through the marble halls of terror
And spell my raven rosary
From the celestial halls of horror
Echoes the sound of agony.

Love - she says
Is like a fatal gamble
And you're the one who ever fails
Although you dealt the cards.

And like a knife
She cuts through ardent breasts
And gather the shadows o'er your heart
Her bitter poison takes me down.

The Tempest

Behold, she is coming with the clouds
And going with the wind.
She tears down the walls of heaven
And brings us maladies.

All the tribes of the earth kneel before her
And speak her name with grace.
She haunts the earthly palace
And takes us in her arms.

I have the keys of life and death.
I am the monarch of the seven stars.
I scatter the storms all over the world.
I bring the sun into your hearts.

Behold, she is coming like a thief
With a mouth full of honey & blood.
She casts down the clouds of sorrow
The wicked fall under her strength.

She will give freely to him who is thirsty
from the spring of the water of life.
Like a tree planted by the streams of water
That brings forth its fruits of joy.

The skies - are ashen and cold
The nights have unfold
The wings of the plagues.
So call - the sweet memories
And save the green leaves
From the grip of the cold.

Whose leaf also does not wither.
Whatever she does shall prosper.

Raise Of Cain

Cast into the dust but still I will withstand
Into the azure I strike my filthy hand
Raised my voice against the rules that brought me pain
Now I kneel before the altar of the slain.

Drown my house in torment now I live in fear
Fall from grace to shed another unseen tear
Father turn your head and hide your face in shame
See the impaled brother slain before you came.

But you must allow - my own world to stand
My hut you didn't build - my spine you didn't bend
When I was a child - I didn't know it in from out
I turned my confused eyes - towards the blackened cloud.

Who helped me against the pride of the titans?
Who rescued me from slavery and death?
It was you, my sacred glowing heart
So glow with ardent, with youthful distress.

In the fields, Cain rose against Abel
And slew him softly from behind.
And with his brother's blood
The first Rebellion has burst out
To tear the thrones of tyranny in sky.


Could I remount the river of my years
To the first fountain of our smiles and tears
I would not trace again its streams of hours
Between its outworn banks of withered flowers.

I - am the hour of darkness
I - am the heart of the frozen
I - am the bringer of coldness
I - am the wound of the chosen.

Where I would walk in spirit and behold
Our elements resolved to things untold
And fathom hidden wonders and explore
The essence of great bosoms now no more.

What is death - a quiet of the heart
The whole of that - of which we are a part
For life is but a vision - what I see
For all which lives - alone is life to me.

Could I remount the river of my years
To the first fountain of our smiles and tears
Where I would walk in spirit and behold
Our elements resolved to things untold.


Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstra├če 63 b
26789 Leer