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Zombique (2018) Lyrics

   Album (CD, Vinyl)


01. Gates Of Hell
02. Dominion Of Decay [MP3]

Dominion Of Decay

03. Maggot Maroon [MP3]

Maggot Maroon

04. Gone To Croatan
05. Bluebeard's Chamber
06. Zombiac
07. The Serpent God
08. In Emerald Tombs
09. Walk With The Dead
10. Caliban's Mask
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Dominion Of Decay

He cowers alone, aside the pale graves
The lantern swings in the dark
Midnight’s approaching, in slumber he falls
A cold wind blows out the spark.

The song of the nightbird, fades in the haze
The deer flew into the deep mist.
Shocked by a shriek, he startles from sleep
And terror is graping his wrist.

Scatter the bones on the hills
Breathe deep the poison, and know that it kills
Lay your hands onto the rust
And kneel down into the dust.

Coming forth from lairs of marble
Coming forth from coffins cold
Coming forth cadavers green
Coming forth as the chapels bell.

The graves lay all open, cadavers arise
They gather and dance in a row
All dressed in bone, adorned with dead flesh
Emerge from the tombs high and low.

So poor and so young and so old and so rich
They shake and they're twirling the hips
With knuckles on lap, with wrists bound in pitch
And the hymn of decay on their lips.

Maggot Maroon

Born in a fever, baptized in mud
Suckled with urine and fed from the gut
Raised by the snake, home in the swamp
Crawl from the jungle to make the last stand.

Painting the black face with limestone and coals
Fit the cylinder, make-up the brows
Sharpen the blade in a shower of sparks
With a grin round the fangs that shines in the dark.

The army of slaves marching as a man by his side
As they break through the woods by early daylight.

Overwhelming the masses with the cry of the free
Annihilating the rulers they will hang in the trees
So cry for your fellows, your wife and your kids
We caught them at daybreak and cut off their lips.

With poison darts from an ambush and stabs from behind
With fire and sulphur they burn all of their kind
From the white stairs of marble they push off their bones
On the heap of their bodies they build up their thrones.

I am the Baron, the king of the dead
The monarch of maggots, all plagues I will spread
I wear my sunglasses by day and by night
The highpriest of vodou, my power will rise.

So cry for your fellows, your wife and your kids
We caught them at daybreak and cut off their lips
We bathed them in acid and drowned their last breath
In the dark crypts of terror, the dungeons of death.

Raising the pocal to the Carribean Queen
Open the portals to the dungeons of death

Gone To Croatan (The Lost Colony)

One with the tribe
Gone to the swamp
Oaths sworn in blood
Sealed with flesh.

Lurk in the night
Hide from the sun
Shake off the reign
Of the lash.

Breathe deep the smoke
Aside the wild flames
Speaking the tongue
Of the beast.

Flee from the bondage
Free from the chains
Denying the King
In the East.

Into the depths
Of the Great Dismal Swamp
We abandoned our acres and fields
A new house we found in the barren pine halls
We gather - the land of the free.

Forging allegiance, spoke tribal rhyme
Followed the call of the wild.
Leaving no traces, no letter will tell
Erased from the maps for all time.

Now hear the call
Of the strong hidden might
Track out
The utopian trace.

Our tendrils of light
Long soiled with wrong rules
Re-entwined with
The roots of our race.

Boukman's Prayer

Unfathomed swamps, black liqueurs dropping
From idle branches, sweet nectars soak
Flies glancing swarming, inject the semen
Of decay into the living, glands of coke.

Snakes shedding their skin
Snails are crawling through
Leech is sucking my liver
Moraines are winding in.

The night, though clear, shall frown
And the stars shall not look down
From their high thrones in Heaven
With light like hope to mortals given.

The breeze, the breath of God, is still
And by the mist upon the hill
Death has reared himself a throne
Where cypress' shadows stand alone.

O'er lands enchanted, slaves curse working
On shores are grimace, echoes roll
In copper mines, within the dark hills
The sound of drums calls us to toll.

We're legion servants of our master
Our order's strong, the deadly kind
We're marching countless through the acres
And ashen steps we left behind.


Digging my nails into the casket
Grabbing my claws in the mould
Warm rain is moistening my black face
Creeping out of the cold.

Dead eyes are staring into darkness
No blood pumping through the vein
Heartbeat has stopped for a lifetime
Stumbling into the warm rain.

Master - command me to
Obey - the grapes of night
Reborn - out of the crypt
Submit - to the dark dominion.

Marching the long lanes of sugar
A walking corpse in the sun
Machetes twinkling
Through sweet straws
A slave I have become.

In the house nearby the river
There lives my little brid
She's happy and in deep love
With a ring at her hand shining bright.

One day she was again picking flowers
On the lane next the cemetery
I was lurking behind the chapel
Hiding behind the tree.

Now i'm walking through the ashes
Fresh blood pumping through my vein
Her heart gave me strength forever
Dancing into the warm rain.

The Serpent God

Beware of the Bight of Benin
The one's who came out, died
We won't survive the passage
In chains our children cried.

Banned from our beautyful valley
where the corn grew wild and tall
We left the shores at daybreak
O Lorde hear our call!

The mandate of the monarch
Of the king of death
Through cold oceans staring
He's drowning our breath.

Overwhelmed by a wretch
Whom no peril could deter
The promise they made
Is the war we declare.

Our chapels once strong
Now placed under ban
Our prayers once long
Now stalled to sermon.

Damballah will open the barriers
Hidden in a marvellous shrine
Envelloped in a shroud of terror
Her wrath be the sign of decline.

Dreams of wines and liquors
Won't cure our exile for long
Our hearts are forged in terror
United we are strong.

In Emerald Tombs

Her lips are build of marble pallor
Her eyes are made of purple gloom
Her hair is weaved from black crow's feather
Her temples adorned with nicest bloom.

But there is no warmth, no instant breathing
Pulsation has long ceased
And kisses she would have freely given
On his splendid face, have long decreased.

He thought that her body was covered
With flowers and leafs so green
Now soaked with rain - a solid moisture
A pledge of the withering redeem.

Three years he was searching for her
His bride, adorned for him
Now she lies in his wide arms
The seeds of death within.

He drank, ate coke and opium
Until he thought she'd coming back
He buried tears and moanings
Swore war to the living and the dead.

He's led into the darkened chamber
To the coffin, their last cold lair
He'll endeavore to arrest attention
by striking the closed iron door.

In terrors, in falling in slumber
Her picture appears in the dark
And hidden in shrouds, he's entangled
And remained and he rotted, erect.

Walk With The Dead

Intoxicate the goblet
Fill it with medical fake
Infect the sweet ambrosia
And spread the raging plague.

Praise the sharp pains and terror
Emerge from bleeding pores
Awake the putrid bodies
Open the cryptic doors.

Once banned to wooden coffins
And tied to linen sheets
Now called to arms and vengeance
And walk on endless streets.

Move like a ballet-dancer
And toss the velvet scarfes
Twirling the silver batons
And tangle with the larves.

Raise the dead from the graves
The legions of worms
The hordes of decay
Shall gather the waves.

On cadavers we feast
With a hunger unstilled
On heaps of bodies we walk
Epidemics to be unleashed.

We walk – the army of the undead
The ones the earth spat out
The ravenous league is to fed
To revel in the crowd.

Walk! (there we will walk) – Walk! (come join us)
Walk! (walk with the dead) – Walk with the dead
Walk! (there we will walk) – Walk! (come join us)
Walk! (walk with the dead) – Walk with the dead.


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