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Spellcast Lyrics

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01. Mallow Weed [MP3]

Mallow Weed

02. Ebony Embrace
03. When The Stars Fall [MP3]

When The Stars Fall

04. Beloved
05. The Healing
06. Dreams
07. Chasing Rainbows
08. Spellcast
09. Evil Dead
10. Iemer Mere OweAlbuminfoLyrics   |  YouTube StreamMBR Download

Mallow Weed

So warm and sweet the summerwind
is rustling through the leaves
the taste of honey on his lips
he banished our griefs.

The branches of the willowtree
are guarding our sleep
so silently the night did fall
on our mallow weed.

In autumn as the feathers fell, we left the world of man,
enshrined in gold eternally, that spoke the winter´s ban.
As we soaked each other´s breath from our hungry lips,
we sealed the oath – a star we touched – with our fingertips.

The horns of the hunting – silenced by nightfall
no one will ever tear us apart
frozen in slumber – burnt by the sunset
revel in love for eternity.

No snow, no rain, no autumn leaves
will moisten our lair
a scent of roses I did spread
upon her fragrant hair.

And we laid our head arest
tired of breathing above
deeper into the linnen sheet
that covers our love.

Ebony Embrace

She dwells in beauty – and all beauty must die
time to say good-bye
and joy, whose hand is on her lips
and aching pleasure´s sigh.

Her eyes are like a dying star
her face adorned with mud
and silver lurks within her hair
white lids already shut.

O, soft embalmer of the still midnight
bringer of darkness – seal my eye.
Enter death, the gleams of daylight
fall into my dreams as I die.

She dwells in beauty – and all beauty must die
time to say good-bye
and joy, whose hand is on her lips
and aching pleasure´s sigh.

How sweet she keeps her secret
hidden in her ashen lap
her face embalmed with vanity
she fell into my trap.

When The Stars Fall

As I died in your arms
it was like I was falling asleep
I reached out my hand
trying to catch my dream.
As I died in your arms
and my heart stopped to beat
I passed through the vast gates
of my misery.

Your smile is like a beacon that will guide me through the storm
and I reached my own horizon trying to keep you safe and warm.
I thought I saw you waving calling for my love
and I´m forever craving for you my little dove.

As I died in your arms
And the dew sunk on my brow
I fell on my knees
Whispering your filthy name.
As I died in your arms
I finally wondered
who´ll give you warmth
and shelter in the night.

And when the stars fall from the sky
and the moon is weeping just as I
I am longing for your embrace
the apparition of a soul lost in space.


My little dove, you know -
I was watching you a while,
tell me : Lurks there a tear
in your eye ?

I saw the others
were teasing you again
and your schoolmates
don´t accept you as well.

Cry to the heavens above – my little dove,
you´re my beloved.

I know that your parents
Don´t treat you the way
You deserve it – I would say :
They are cruel !

You need a friend, little dove
come closer, take my hand
you will see : I´ll make
your dreams come true.

My sweet, where the path bends right, by the hills
where the nicest flowers bloom, there´s a forest
where tales are true. There´s a castle of gold in the woods
where a sorcerer lives and when you´re there
you have three wishes free.

The Healing

She lies awake
she heard a distant screaming,
chained she is, and poisened –
acid in her veins.
Nobody dried her tears
noone ever kept her warm
all alone with her heart that is bleeding.

He was running through the night
was it something wrong he said –
or the end of a lifelong illusion ?
He can´t stand this cold lair
he hates talking to the mirror
all alone with a heart that is bleeding.

It was in silvern spring, as a rain began to fall
and april water washed away the tears.
A call from beyond the early morning mist
a peaceful slumber, a shivering, the healing.

The shade of winter fled from every face
into the depths of sorrow and disgrace.
The ebon waves in every raven dress
were lightened in the name of loneliness.

We walked alone
so late into the night
as our love was young and ardent.
And still our glowing lips
will meet again to kiss
all alone with a heart that is bleeding.


O, that my life were a dream
my spirit shan´t awake until the beam
of an eternity shall bring a new tomorrow
o, that long dream were of hopeless sorrow.

It were better than the cold reality
of waking life, to him whose heart must be
and has been still upon the lovely earth,
a chaos of deep passions from his birth.

For I have revelled when the sun was bright
in summer skies in dreams of living light.
And loveliness has left my very heart
come sweet night and tear my soul apart.

Its image on my spirit – or the moon
shone on my slumbers in her lofty noon,
too coldly – or the stars – however it was,
that dream was at the night-wind – let it pass.


The elder´s tears are dropping
on her sore and silent lips
and nature draws the magic word
gently upon her head.

The branches shadowplay enchants
a smile on her ivory face
and her eyelids they seem to flash
like a twinkling of a star.

And she danced till the moon wept
and the sun smiled tired upon the new dreary day,
and she danced –
and the time stood still for a while.

Through a veil of haze and sweat
she weaved around my heart
I step into her magic circle
she takes my hand and we dance...

That´s when the dead arise
from the soil bleeding black
and a storm emerges
from the lightning-cracked sky.

She was shedding her skin like a snake
as I raised the crystal flake –
full of blood
and a spell has been cast.

Iemer Mêre Owê

Owê war sint verswunden alliu mîniu jâr !
Ist mir mîn leben getroumet, oder ist ez wâr ?
Daz ich ie wânde ez waere, was daz allez iht?
Dar nâch hân ich geslâfen und entweiz es niht.

Nû bin ich erwachet, und ist mir unbekant
Daz mir hie vor was kündic als mîn ander hant.
Liut unde lant dar inn ich von kinde bin erzogen
Die sint mir worden frömde reht als es sî gelogen.

Die mîne gespilen wâren die sint traege unde alt.
Bereitet ist daz velt, verhouwen ist der walt:
Wan daz daz wazzer fliuzet als ez wîlent flôz,
für wâr mîn ungelücke wânde ich wurde grôz.

Mich grüezet maneger trâge, der mich bekande ê wol.
Diu welt ist allenthalben ungenâden vol.
Als ich gedenke an manegen wünneclîchen tac,
die mir sint enpfallen als in daz mer ein slac.

Iemer mêre owê, iemer mêre owê !



Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstraße 63 b
26789 Leer