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Words Unspoken Lyrics

   Demo (Tape)

1. The Final Cry (Instrumental) [MP3]

The Final Cry

2. Words Unspoken [MP3]

Words Unspoken

3. The Gates Of Hades
4. Days Of Thunder
5. Where Life Is Just A Dream
6. Angels Of Dust
7. Anthem To The Lost


Words unspoken

A storm was raging in our hearts
a cold wind was blowing in our heads
together we made our stand
we walked that path hand in hand

Together we rose our swords
our fists held high in the sky
but we lost each other in the mist
drifted away like a never ending kiss

So many words left unspoken
so many tears left to cry
so many words left unspoken
so many lies left to lie

You gave me shelter in the night
I held our heart free from fear free from fright
one step away but stepped too far
and streams of light we never saw

There’s still a child outside crying in the storm
creeping through the dreams from which he’s born
still I stumble through the dark
Chained by the hand that holds the spark.

The Gates Of Hades

I awoke from a dream as sweet as a rose
and the light and the peace still burnt in my chest
as I saw what remained, only ashes and dust.

Did you ever feel the burning darkness?
Did you ever feel the pain?

Through the gates of hades…isolation
through Acheron and styx …damnation
I search for the light and the truth
I remember the words of wisdom so true:
suffer, my friend to see what is left.

My journey through the halls of infinite pain
through the shades of love and peace was long
but in the end of the tunnel, there was a light shining bright.

What is life…what is fear
what is hope…what is love
trough the gates of Acheron and dust.
What is god…what is pain
what is heaven and hell
through the gates of Acheron and dust.

Days Of Thunder

A blaze in my mind – a hit from behind
a lie from beyond – a smile in the front
beatings in the back – stones in my track
weapons cold as ice – words of evil, whispered lies.

You stepped too far – destroyed enough
now taste revenge – hot, wild and tough
don’t need no lies to make you scream
I am fate – your wildest dream.

These days are – days of thunder
I arise from the abyss – days of thunder
you thought you really got me – days of thunder
I’ll take you down to the ground – days of thunder.

Here we stand face to face
both beings of the human race
you thought you were wiser than me
and better than all, now fall to your knee.

You can’t look me in the eye
it was you – the biggest lie
now I hit you down to the ground
in the mirror you’re forever bound.

Where Life Is Just A Dream

You reached the trax of life
leading to nowhere
and the last train is gone.

Lines of love – lines of hate
you never understood
senselessly burning, senselessly turning around.

We were flying high
like a wandering sigh
but I touched the ground

what once seemed real
decayed to dust
can’t stand this pain I feel.

Mark my grave and whisper in my ear
where does the river lead to?
When all breaks apart for what you have
lived, loved, hated, feared?

You reached the edge of nowhere
where life is just a dream
where love is just a word
where hope is just a spark
where fear is just an illusion.

You touched the thorns of the north
you felt the frost of the night
you heard the voice of the cold
you dreamt of a wintertale
long forgotten and gone
and in the end…frost.

Angels Of Dust

My world is the land of frozen illusions
a castle of gold shining
hiding behind the dark clouds of my mind
my eyes stare into nothing
while I wander through the valleys
while I wander through the woods.

My hands create
while I try to find the path
to my own reality…awake

Innocence is torn away from here
children of stone – angels of dust
where the souls are black
and all views are crossed
where coldness grows day by day
where the seed is drowned in blood.

I touch the flowers and the golden blooms
on my way through the land where tales are true
where my desire burns…sleep my child
in the barks of yore.
I send you a dream of light and peace
until the roses burn red and love kisses my sleep away…
when you return teach me how to love and how to dream
when you smile it’s like angel’s tears raining down
in my heart of dust.

Anthem To The Lost

We rose from the ashes of the eternal fire
the world has burnt until the end
we saw what remained from all those lies
all were deaf and no one was wise.

All stone has turned to dust all life decayed
but not by a nuclear shock
all roses are black all trees are dead
but not by what the bible said.

The end of time had come
as all light and fun had gone
day and night unite
when the fire of hate shines bright
dislike controlled our fate
when hope and trust escaped
the time of peace passed by
as friendship and love decayed.

As we marched through the ruins of forgotten dreams
our hope slowly faded away
the reborn of our planet made impossible
not a sign of life had last.

Now my hope is dead my love is gone
my body sinks to the ground
my eyes are broken my soul denies
as the light of the planet dies twice.


Final Cry
c/o Burghardt Sonnenburg
Haupstraße 63 b
26789 Leer